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Open Bulk URLs with ( https:// or www or Space or Comma)

What is Bulk URL Opener?

Most people browse through a lot of websites daily whether it is for researching something online or completing work for multiple clients. Everyone needs to go through the pain of opening a lot of URLs.  It gets even more difficult when you are using browsers for personal and work use. Sometimes you may be wondering whether there is any such tool that can open all the URLs for you at once. Yes, there are such tools available in the form of web apps and browser extensions. We have built a fast and simple tool called Bulk URL Opener to solve this URL opening issue. This tool is very easy to use and consumes less memory as compared to other web apps and browser extensions.

So, opening bulk URLs is pretty easy with Bulk URL Opener tool.

You can use the tool for multiple purposes both for personal use and work purposes. This is a FREE tool that can help you to save a lot of time if you start using it on a daily basis. It can help to improve your productivity by opening a huge list of URLs only with a single click of the mouse button. It is amazing to open a huge list of links all at once that could have taken hours to do so if you manually try to open each URL one by one. When opening a huge list it is better to open 20 to 40 URLs at once. If you try to open more URLs at once your browser may not support it if there is not enough memory (RAM) allocation or your system capability is lower to handle such a task.  

Let’s dive into bulk URL opener and see how amazingly it can streamline your browsing experience.

What are Benefits of a Bulk URL Opener Tool?

Bulk URL opener is a tool that allows the user to open multiple URLs simultaneously in their web browser. Bulk URL opener is very useful for professionals like SEO specialists, Web Developers, and Content creators who need to access a huge list of URLs everyday.

Bulk URL Opener benefits:

    1. Improves Productivity: Using bulk URL opener you can concentrate on your main task rather than spending unnecessary time on opening multiple links manually. This way you can focus on your main goal and save plenty of time using Bulk URL opener that can take care of the rest. This leads to improving your productivity and focusing on work/studies.

    2. Accuracy:  Manually typing each URLs can lead to errors. With a bulk URL opener, you can simply copy and paste the list of URLs and it will open all the URLs for you with the blink of an eye. This can save time and reduce the risk of human error.

    3. Increase Efficiency:This tool  can help to boost  your workflow by making it easier to access several  web pages at once. With the help of this tool you can complete tasks more efficiently and with very less time.

    4. Help to open only the selected pages: Bulk URL Opener can save time by allowing you to open only the list of webpages you need. As compared to bookmark where you need to manually click all the URLs if you have not organized your list.

    5. Remove Duplicate URLs:  Our tool have a nice Duplicate URLs Remover feature that can save you from going through a big list to identify manually the duplicate URLs. The Bulk URL Opener will only open the unique links if you select the check box for Duplicate URLs Remove. This saves time and consumes less memory by avoiding duplicate URLs. 

    6. Check Broken Links: If you want to audit your website to find the broken links that are causing error pages or redirecting to some other URLs, then you can use our tool to open bulk URLs. A broken link appears when a user trying to access the page but the server responds as 404 or similar errors. Broken links are also known as “Dead Links” or “Link rots. This negatively impacts the user experience, your website ranking as well as revenue. To avoid such things you must regularly audit your website using our URL Openers Tool. In order to do so you first compile a list of your major pages and add them to a spreadsheet. Then you can copy all the required URLs and paste them on our tool to open all those URLs at once whenever you want.

    7. Help in Link Building: Most SEO professionals use link building for improving the website visibility and ranking. For this, they always keep on searching for different link building opportunities that can get high quality backlinks for their client’s website. Link building activities involve a lot of URLs opening for collecting the best link building resources for link submissions. Using our Bulk URLOpener you can create a list of specific URLs based on the Link building Campaigns and open them all at once. This will not only save you a lot of time and effort but also you can finish your work faster. You don’t have to deal with opening each individual URLs manually anymore.

    8. Update Multiple Webpages: When you want to update multiple pages of a website you can update them by opening all of them at once.

    9. Check Multiple Webpages: When you are doing research work a bulk URL opener can help you to open all the webpages at once automatically and saves enough time to do other work. If you are a student and want to do some research work for School or College you can use our tools to help you with the task.

    10. Measure Website Performance: Website owners and Web Developers can use a bulk URL opener to quickly check the performance of multiple web pages, such as page load time, website speed and server load by opening web pages all at once.

    11. Save time: Manually opening a large number of URLs can be a hectic task. With a bulk URL opener, the user can open multiple URLs with just one click, which saves time and effort of the user.

How Our Bulk URL Opener Tool is Different From Others?

Our URL Openers Tools are designed in such a way that any layman can use this. The interface is very easy with different features that make it a more powerful tool for everyday use.

If you don’t use any tool properly and regularly, you can not see the true power of that tool. You need to use the tools for different works only then you will find how easy it is to complete a lot of tasks with very less time.

Bulk URL Opener has some interesting features that you must understand to use its full potential.

Duplicate Remover: When your list may contain duplicate URLs and if you don’t want them to open then simply check the box for Remove Duplicates. While opening the list in new tabs it will exclude all the Duplicate URLs and also show you the notification about how many Duplicate URLs were excluded. This is a neat feature that consumes less browser memory opening only the unique list of URLs.

Open with Delay: If you enable this feature by selecting the checkbox for Delay and provide the seconds you want the delay. It will open all the URLs in your list one by one with the delay in seconds you have mentioned. This way our Bulk URL Opener will open the links with the specified time gap. This is a very powerful feature that will magically open the URLs gradually that will allow the webpages to load properly and consume memory slowly. In return you will get a faster browser experience even with multiple tabs opened and you can work on your tasks easily.

No Browser Dependency: When you use browser extensions for opening multiple URLs you are very limited. For each browser you need to install that browser specific extension. Not only that, if you are accessing some different person’s computer then you have to again install the browser extensions. But for using our URL Openers tools you only need to remember our website Our tools are Free, easy to use and browser independent so work on any project anytime anywhere. You have complete freedom using our tools.

Let us know if you like any such amazing features we would love to integrate on our tools.

How to organize the URLs before pasting in Bulk URL Opener Tool?

Categorize the URLs: Before pasting the urls in the URL opener tool make sure to categorize them first. For example: If you are a student doing research about Presidents of America then you can create a list of all the URLs you find informative for your research. Later, you can copy all those URLs and open them all at once when you need. This is the power of better organization and using our tool you can complete your work faster. 

Use Spreadsheet: If you have a large number of URLs, it will be helpful if you organize them in a Google Spreadsheet, Excel Sheet, Google Docs, text file or similar file formats. This way you not only organize your list but also it helps you to find your content faster and open them at once. 

Use a URL shortener: If you have long and complicated URLs, it may be helpful to use a URL shortener such as Bitly or TinyURL. This will make it easier to input the URLs into the tool that looks clean and easy to navigate.

Moreover, a Bulk URL Opener tool provides some interesting and powerful features for professionals looking forward to accessing multiple URLs at a time. This tool can help in your project work, research, analysis and save you time to focus on other important works. Bulk URL Opener can indeed save you time and make you productive to do work efficiently.

You can access our tool from anywhere any time through any browser. You only need an Internet connection to use our tool.


While opening links using Bulk URL Opener you can open any URLs that either start with https, http or www in lower case letters. Make sure you don’t have any empty space or extra characters before any URLs. The URL must be a valid URL so that it will open properly.

Absolutely No, you don’t require any Bulk URL opener extension or addons to use our tool. It is very simple to use, with only copy and paste you can open your links.

You can just copy your list of URLs you want to open and paste them in our Tool Box. If you think that duplicate URLs might be there in your list then use the “Remove Duplicates” option for the same. You can also use space or comma for opening URLs but it is always recommended to provide each URL in a new line to open them correctly.

 It is always advised to open 20 to 30 URLs at a time. If your system doesn’t have the capacity to handle such resource intensive tasks then better avoid opening more URLs at once. You can try opening 5 URLs at a time. When you want the links to load properly without using heavy resources you can use the Delay opening feature to slowly open URLs one by one with a time gap.