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What is URL Opener?

In this fast moving Digital World, everyone wants to do multi-tasking to stay ahead of the competition. Multitasking is the process to accomplish more tasks in less time. Whether you are a business, researcher or student everyone likes to juggle multiple tasks to empower their productivity and save time. Luckily we have a tool called “URL Openers” which will assist you to open a huge list of URLs all at once in the blink of an eye.

Multitasking Ninja

Want to be a Multitasking Ninja? Read the below article thoroughly.

How can the URL Opener Tool help with Multitasking?

Multitasking is the ability of an individual to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. A common problem people face when multitasking is the manual process of doing the same redundant work again and again. Opening multiple URLs in a day is also a daily-routine for professionals. It leads to wasting a lot of time doing these repetitive tasks that can even delay the workflow. Here an online URL Opener tool comes in handy. This URL opener tool allows users to input multiple URLs and open them all at once without manual effort to open each URL one by one. This way it helps to boost productivity and gives you enough time to focus on things you love the most.

What is the secret behind How can you benefit from using our tools?

We have taken utmost care to combine the best features to create our URL Openers web application that runs with the power of AI to give you the best user experience. This application has some very cool features that helps to open URLs with time gaps and this immensely helps to reduce the resources consumption and better performance in the browsers.

What are the unique features of our URL Opener Tool?

  1. Duplicate URLs Remover: It is a nice feature that automatically finds out the Duplicate URLs when you give the list of URLs in the Textbox. Just imagine how much time it will take to manually find and compare all the URLs to find the duplicate data. When you feel that there may be chances of any duplicate URL in your list, you have to only use the provided checkbox for “Remove Duplicates”. The tool will automatically remove all the duplicate URLs and it will also show a message how many Duplicate URLs were removed. This way only the unique urls will open which will consume less memory and provide better performance.

  2. Delay URL Open: This is one of our unique features that magically opens the URLs with the specified time interval. You have to use the checkbox for “Delay” to enable this feature. The URLs you add with Delay option enabled will open one by one after the specific time gap. Use this feature when you have multiple URLs to open but you also want those pages to load properly. This will help to load the pages properly. Isn’t it a cool feature! This will automate the process without slowing down your browser.

  3. Clear: This option helps you to clear the textbox data and message if any before pasting another list of urls. For example when you are researching on different social media platforms. So first copy the list of URLs you like to open and paste in our tool. Once these URLs are opened, if you like to start with some other research or shopping list then it’s a best practice to always use the Clear Button before starting with another URLs list. This way you can work with different lists of URLs and properly categorize your data for multitasking.

What are the advantages of the URL Openers in Multitasking?

  1. Time-saving: The real advantage of using URLopener is its time-saving feature. As you know time is very precious and using a tool like this helps you save a lot of time. Opening URLs one by one manually is a very time-consuming task. By opening multiple URLs at one go, users can save themselves from having to open each URL manually.


  2. Reduce frustration: When opening multiple URLs one by one, users may experience frustration if a page takes a long time to load. Using our URL openers tool, users can avoid these issues and get their work done faster.


  3. Organize work: Using this URL Openers on a daily basis will develop a habit of better organization skills. You can categorize the different lists of URLs into smaller groups and save them in Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel or simple text files with proper naming conventions so that you can always search your data easily. Use this tool not only to open the URLs in separate tabs but also for collecting information from various websites, researching for education, creating a shopping list for your next purchase. Better organization leads to better productivity and differentiate yourself.


  4. Increase Productivity: This tool is beneficial for individuals who frequently access multiple websites on a daily basis. With the help of URL Openers tool, users can increase their productivity by completing tasks more efficiently and quicker than their peers.


  5. Platform Independent: URL Openers is a web application and the best part is it can run on any modern browsers with JavaScript enabled. Unlike any other tools and browser extensions you don’t have to install anything in your system or browser to use the features. You can open more 300+ links at once in browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari etc.

    Just bookmark our website and give browser permission once so that it can open multiple URLs.

    Note: If you use any Incognito window for your browser then you have to give permission each time you use the tool. The permission is given for the browser to open multiple tabs. We don’t have anything to do with the permission. Be cautious, always open the URLs that are safe to open.

How can a URL Openers tool be used?

The URL Openers tool can be used for different purposes.

  • Intelligent Shopping: Humans have a tendency of browsing through several products at once when they are on shopping platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Best Buy or your favorite online store. Even after browsing several products you may not come to a conclusion about which one to buy. So a better option is to create a category-wise or product-wise list in any spreadsheet. This way you can organize your data and re-open those links list wherever you want using the URL Openers Tool. Research is a good habit and categorizing your list can save you from impulsive buying as you will not be making decisions in a hurry.

    Now onwards whenever you want to do shopping use our tools shopping intelligently after doing thorough research. In a fraction of second,  our tool will open the web pages for you in different tabs.
  • Social media management: Digital marketers can use this tool to open multiple social media platforms at once to manage their client’s accounts more efficiently. They can even use separate windows to handle multiple client’s accounts and monitor the activities.

  • Research: If you want to research on different webpages, you can use this tool to open multiple websites at once for quick comparison of information. This saves a lot of time and energy compared to opening each URL individually.

  • Testing Websites: Website developers can use this tool to open multiple pages of a website for testing purposes. This allows them to easily compare the performance of webpages and find out errors during loading time.

URL Openers tool is a great program to help you multitask when it comes to opening several URLs individually. With our tool, you can open multiple tabs at once or with time intervals based on your needs. In this way you can easily avoid errors opening URLs manually. There can be lots of use cases if you think deeply. After all, it all depends upon your imagination.

URL Openers is such an inevitable tool that we use it almost everyday. Whether you are a SEO Agency, Link builder, Content Writer, Researcher or a student this is a tool for all categories. So if you wish to multitask in a productive way, consider using  regularly and our unique tools to stay ahead of the competition.